Your Life Is An Encouragement

“Nobody ever became ill or died from receiving too much genuine praise and encouragement. But who can count the wounded hearts, weary souls and troubled minds that have resulted from their lack!”

Everyday you can see faces. Their eyes speaking to you, their smiles most of the time empty. And maybe it starts when you look at your own in the mirror.

Hey cheer up! =) You are a gift and a blessing. A valuable contribution on the whole wide world, a significant person that makes it go on another day, a powerful force that forms the minds of everyone in sight… you are a very important person and you have the ability to make other people know that they are too.

Your heart may be broken now, your soul so thirsty and your mind at a lost… get help, reach for a hand, get down to your knees and pray… One less poor soul would add to those who became whole… It starts with that man in the mirror you see. Your life is an encouragement! =)

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