Your Life Is A Gift!

“Cherish the moment when we’re empty but happy… tired but inspired… down but smiling… feeling lost but living for a cause. LIFE is a GIFT!”

I received this text message and I kind of have some warmth in my heart. In a daily grind that we’re into we can’t afford not to be honest with how we feel. Though sometimes what we feel pulls us down, a simple thought of something that made us happy can actually steer our bodies to smile. Yeah, laugh a bit at what went wrong and how your face looked so red of such clumsiness. =)

Life you live can be tiresome when you’re just getting along with its flow. Lead your life instead then so you can draw inspiration from it. The very dreams and goals in life that you’re doing these things for.

Keep smiling cause you’re realizing these things right now and not like those who are in their deathbeds. Yep, life is too short… but you can say it’s still a lot of time to live your life’s ‘cause’. Enjoy it to the fullest! Your LIFE is a GIFT! =)

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