You Deserve to be Happy (and the MacBook)

“Happiness is something you decide ahead of time. It’s a decision we make every morning when we wake up. Yes, we have a choice. We can choose to spend the day fussing over things we have no control over with, be UNHAPPY and look wasted… or welcome the new day with renewed enthusiasm and focus on all the HAPPY memories in your life.”

When you wake up this morning and your mobile beeps and read this one… it puts a smile on you, right? That’ll be one great start for you!

Yahoo! though they’re having trouble themselves =). Stocks are dropping and your credit card’s interest are hell-raising. Maybe you should buy the new MacBook. It’ll help the economy in a way you’ll contribute to their revenue and get yourself spend more through your card… kiddin’. =)

You have to be realistic with what’s happening but at the same time focus more on how to recover from whatever losses or difficulty or debt you’re in. Decide that you’ll get over it. Choose to exceed expectations. Be pro-active as they say. Definitely there’s hope and there’s a way out.

Life is magical in a sense that happiness springs out of your commitment to yourself to be better, in spite of whatever trouble you may be involved with. Let not your memories limit your imagination… try dreaming… and don’t worry if people will find you smiling… it’s your day! And you deserve to be happy (and the MacBook, in time)! =)

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