You Begin To Understand…

“When you realize how hard it is to change yourself… you begin to understand what little chances we have of changing others…”

This text message is a tough one cause it rely mostly on how much you’ve seen through yourself. It’s like how far you’ve gone through self-actualization. Simply put, it’s how you’ve been able to deal or confront with yourself.

Are you too hard on yourself, expecting perfection? Do you always pity yourself in a way that you don’t want to go outside? Have you done something bad that you can’t forgive yourself? Would you feel guilty when you’re having fun, treating yourself for an ice cream then someone would ask for alms?

If you find these things to be too hard to answer, how about trying to point it out to someone else? Though we just don’t stop there. As an old saying goes, “If you’re dealing with your self, use your head. But when you’re dealing with other people, use your heart.”

The key here is… you BEGIN to UNDERSTAND… =)

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