Yale Dean Podolny Institutes Apple University

Apple hired Joel Podolny, dean of the Yale School of Management to lead the groundbreaking of Apple University as its vice president and dean. Though Wall Street Journal didn’t have much disclosure they can extract on this Apple’s new university and the said position.

Mr. Joel Podolny worked with Yale since 2005 and within his tenure, he came out to be an expert both in sociology and management that crossed on most of his organizational behavior research and studies. Prior to his appointment as dean in Yale, he is primarily inclined to sociological study of market competition that he even wrote a book of. He also drove his social network perspective along the lines of technological evolution and individual mobility within organizations.

That’s a bit technical, though it can simply be understood by taking the organization abreast and relevant with an ever changing and developing society. Steve Jobs surely keeps his marketing guns fresh and leadership maneuvers sharp. It didn’t just take a tech-savvy to build Apple after all.

Pixar Animation Studios, with Jobs having the majority share before being sold to Walt Disney, has the Pixar University, too.  Actually, there are other companies who have tried to have these universities within companies. One of which who thrived in time is GE’s Crotonville in New York, later called the John F. Welch Learning Center. They got Jack Welch’s name sealed on it because of his ‘bounderyless’ pursuit of the best ideas and talent towards global competitiveness with their ever-changing culture that embodied GE even today (and they actually spends $1 billion on it every year).

Mr. Podolny, with his resume, got me thinking along the lines of Jack Welch. Apple got great ideas and a pool of talents. Spending for and bringing it in a learning and collaborative environment makes it a sound strategy for breaking organizational and market barriers. Maybe it’s better than just having more ads on having no walls. Touché!

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