Xiaomi Philippines gets an official offline selling partner

Xiaomi will finally sell their products offline. That’s right, from smartphones, to power banks, headphones and other accessories. For quite some time, they’ve been exclusively selling online alone via Lazada and made some significant sales figures. However, due to fans’ requests and inevitable government fees, we’ll soon see kiosks and concept stores besides online.

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This has been stated on an open letter found on its Facebook account for all its Mi fans after issuing a price increase on some of its accessories.

“As much as we would like to maintain our original prices, sadly, the costs we incur in bringing in products have not remained constant.

Aside from that, we are also working on adding another selling channel that you fans have been requesting constantly: we are working to have Mi products available offline soon. Yes, that’s right. You will soon be able to buy Mi from our official offline partner. We’ll announce more details about this soon.”

The statement above is just an excerpt, though it brings about the whole point of Xiaomi Philippines’ announcement regarding price increase, having their physical stores locally soon, and its yet to be disclosed offline partner.

Yes, this will cut significant time in between, in particular delivery time. Buying offline has this advantage on getting it on the spot upon purchase. Though, the cost of maintaining the shop gets added on the price tag, too.

Do you think Xiaomi can keep up with the competition, now that they’ll be giving up their thriving refuge behind online selling price advantage? Anyway, other brands both local and global were doing their exclusive launchings online to cut on prices, too. Now, it’s time to see if Xiaomi can outdo them on a more traditional selling channel this time around.

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