Xiaomi Mi Pad now available for Sun Broadband Gadget Plans, starts at Plan 250

Sun Cellular now reveals the subscription plans, which you may get the Xiaomi Mi Pad with. It starts with Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 250, in which you add a monthly cash-out for the Mi Pad at Php449 to sum up with Php699 total monthly subscription.

Xiaomi Mi Pad on Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 250

The Mi Pad is priced on launch at affordably Php10,999, and getting this gorgeous tablet on an even lower plan makes it a nicer catch. It has a 7.9-inch screen size with an attractive 326ppi pixel density on a Gorilla Glass display. It packs a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, and 6700mAh battery. It also has cameras on both sides with 8MP on the rear and 5MP front-facing.

The Sun Gadget Plan 250 includes the Mi Pad with 700MB Open-Access internet usage allocation. Take note though, that internet usage beyond the allocation will incur a regular charge of Php5 per 10MB in excess of the allocation.

Xiaomi Mi Pad on Sun Broadband Gadget Plans

You can also get the Mi Pad with Plan 350, Plan 450 and Plan 699, all of which has Non-Stop Surfing with a 1.5GB allocation. Beyond Non-Stop Surf allocation, your speed goes down to 2G thereafter. Plan 450 and Plan 699 also got an Open-Access with 500MB and 1500MB allocation, respectively. Again, using beyond Open-Access data allocation would incur a P5/10MB standard data charge rate.

You may get a little bit confused between the Non-Stop Surfing and Open-Access Surfing. Sun actually got a comprehensive guide for the two surfing category, which basically boils down to as light web browsing usage for the Non-Stop Surf, and as heavy internet, data intensive activities for the Open-Access Surf category. You can check out the explanation and Sun Broadband’s own video here.

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Another thing to take note is that all the said plans entails a Php449 monthly gadget fee add-on with a 24-month holding period, which sum ups to Php699 for Plan 250, Php799 for Plan 350, Php899 for Plan 450, and Php1148 for Plan 699. You can also visit both Sun Stores or their online site for more details.


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