What’s Up with Facebook Buying WhatsApp for 19 Billion USD?

Mark Zuckerberg’s the man of the hour after announcing its latest acquisition, namely the WhatsApp deal that reached a $19B worth of cash and shares in total. With so much success that Facebook has attained altering social networking, extending Zuckerberg’s reign even over instant and chat messaging, definitely sends a more clearer vision of him wanting to dominate the mobile communication space on a much larger scale.

Facebook Buys WhatsApp

Jan Koum, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO on the other hand, will take a seat in the Facebook Board of Directors. With the rate of 1 million new users getting registered every day, and with its instant messaging volume getting closer to the entire global telecom-based SMS volume, WhatsApp is positioned to astronomically grow its current 450 million plus users per month to 1 billion strong users inevitably. Just like what Zuckerberg have said, “WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable.

Seeing these two combined can’t help the entire online community to ask what could be next? Well, for whatever its worth, WhatsApp will also operate like how independent has Instagram have been when they’ve joined Facebook’s portfolio. There will be no ads as reported, but will stay on the path of growing its users instead. WhatsApp will still focus on its core messaging services and will still operate as a stand alone app.

Facebook Chat, Zuckerberg’s own messaging app will still be around, however we don’t still know if in the near future there would be some changes or planned integration, with either WhatsApp having Facebook Chat features, or the other way around. As of announcement though, both won’t be seeing any part of each other on each others interfaces.

So what’s up with the $19B acquisition? It might be about just being there when the momentous one billion mark is crossed, with all the perks of having at least 70% of those users overshadowing the whole volume of SMS exchanges globally. And probably, getting the nostalgic feeling when the world at large is just within your grasps, just one more time.


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