Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic App Gets Smart’s Exclusive Access Packages

Smart Communications partners with a social navigation app, the Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic App, where it shows you real-time traffic and road info within your local driving community.

Currently, the driving community using Waze is about 70 million strong globally, and locally it’s 300,000 users. Waze App actually allows you to be part of a community based mapping, where you can outsmart traffic to save time and gas usage, get road alerts on accidents, hazards, or notable events on your route, and even coordinate with your friends driving on simple time and location-based meet ups.

Using Waze requires both your GPS and internet access. So having Smart Exclusive Waze Packages would allow you to try it for at least 3 hours for only Php2 or use it fully on a 30-day period at Php99. To use Waze for 30 days, simply text WAZE99 to 211. For other packages, please refer below for the keywords to use on sending to 211 for subscription.

Smart WAZE Packages




Waze 2

Php 2

3 Hours


Waze 5

Php 5

1 Day


Waze 30

Php 30

7 Days


Waze 99

Php 99

30 Days


Waze App can be downloaded for free at the App Store, Google Play Store or at the Windows Phone Store.

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