Walt Disney’s PLANES in Philippine Theaters on August 21

Walt Disney Studio Philippines’ releasing their latest animation, PLANES tomorrow Wednesday, August 21 locally in major cinemas nationwide.

PLANES’ actually inspired by the successful animated franchise, CARS, where Lighting McQueen had a great run on the race track, specially in its international stardom. PLANES on the other hand, is a story about Dusty Crophopper, a cropduster plane, though having a fear of heights, have a big dream of being an air racer.

So the story basically play around the big dream and the great journey on achieving that dream. It’ll definitely inspire you on both cases, where you develop true and encouraging friends, and developing the real flight inside you along every race you’ll be on.

Currently, the country is experiencing a calamity that’s both disheartening and frustrating. Films like these may just portray a bit of what difficulty or struggle we have right now, but it’ll never fail to touch much more the persevering heart that’s behind any dream we may want to have or to be.

Dane Cook stars the voice of Dusty Crophopper here, with Stacy Keach playing Dusty’s trainer, Skipper. The lovely Teri Hatcher’s behind Dottie, and John Cleese as the voice of the British champ, Bulldog.

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