Viber Out: FREE Calls to Non-Viber Numbers Abroad Due to Typhoon Yolanda

Viber, one of the favorite multi-platform voice and messaging app globally and locally, is currently providing FREE Calls to non-Viber numbers abroad. This is to assist our locals in letting them know their situation due to super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) to their relatives outside the country.

To use this temporary free calling service, you can go and select any contact in Viber, and tap any numbers listed next to “Viber Out.” Listed below are the supported destinations abroad:

Landline and Mobile (all numbers):

USA & Canada India Malaysia
UK Indonesia Singapore
China Korea Thailand
Hong Kong

Landline Only (no mobile phones):

Argentina Ireland Peru
Australia Israel Poland
Brazil Italy Portugal
Croatia Lithuania Romania
Cyprus Luxembourg Russia
Denmark Malta Spain
France Mexico Sweden
Germany Netherlands Switzerland
Greece New Zealand Venezuela
Hungary Norway

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