VB 2008: Mebroot as the Most Advanced Malware

I just got an email about the most advanced and stealthiest malware, Mebroot and got the link on this from F-Secure Mikko Hypponen’s Weblog. It was presented in the 18th Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2008) that was held last October 1-3 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

F-Secure and Symantec did a collaboration to have a research on this and came out to characterize Mebroot as a “Commercial-grade framework” and as a “Malware Operating system.” It has evolved through three generations with its first introduction (beta) back November of 2007. They’ve also noted Mebroot attacks over 100 European online banks, trying to steal money as users do their online banking on infected machines. Believed to be highly organized and heavily funded, they still haven’t identified the culprits.

You can also check out Graham Cluley’s cool video posted here answering the question whether the anti-virus’ dead.

In our local scene, you can notice that our banks are initiating to prevent and inform the public about ‘phishing’ (a form of data theft such as getting your password) on their online banking sites by forcing you to change passwords every month. It’ll be good to know if they are updated with these malwares, too. Especially now that we’re on the verge of getting involve more with online transactions in the country and even money remittances.


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