Unlimited Red to Red Mobile and Smart: Unli Calls and Text Promo Plus FREE Text SMS to ALL NETWORKS

I’ve been tinkering around the fact that Red Mobile has come around as a competent player in the mobile industry in the Philippines. Not to mention it practically has the same roof with Smart Communications when it was covertly acquired under UMobile then, before it changed its color to ‘Red,’ and that it’s heading on the ‘Unlimited Calls and Text’ arena non-stop.


It will be much more interesting to know what are their promos with Red to Red Mobile and Smart Unlimited Call & Text. For unlimited texting, you can choose from P15, P90 and P300. With P15 you can just text TU15 to 9949 to have unli-text for 1 day to any Red Mobile, plus you have 10mins Red and Smart Calls and 10 SMS to ALL Networks (yes, it’s free text messages to Globe, TM, Sun, TNT and Smart). For P90, Red-to-Red Texting is unlimited by texting TU90 to 9949, with an add-on bonus of 50 mins of Red and Smart Calls and 50 Texts to all Networks that is good for 7days. For P300, you can text TU300 to 9949, to activate unli-txt Red-to-Red for 30 days, plus you get free 150 mins of Red Mobile and Smart Calls, and 150 text messages to ALL NETWORKS.

red_unlicalls and txt

However, if you prefer both your call and text to be unlimited, then you have a choice on whichever fits your budget: P30, P100, P250 and P750. With P30, you just have to text UNLI30 to 9949 to have it, plus you get a free 25 txt to all networks for 1day. The P100 gives you unli-call & txt Red to Red for 4days, plus 90 SMS to all networks by texting UNLI100 to 9949. The P250 gives you unlimited calls and text for 10 days, plus 200 text to all networks by texting UNLI250 to 9949. The P750 gives you 30 days of unlimited calls and text Red-to-Red Mobile plus 500 SMS to ALL NETWORKS by texting UNLI750 to 9949.

With Sun Cellular having been bought for P74 billion a couple of months ago by PLDT, the ‘Unli Calls and Txt’ consumers seem to be shaken by such anti-trust issues that may have occurred. A bit alarming but time could tell how it could shape the telecommunication industry. Besides, San Miguel Corporation is in the loop batting for the third wheel.


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