Unified Multi-Purpose Identification System: SSS, GSIS and PhilHealth

The Philippine Government ratifies the inclusion of Social Security Systems (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) in a “Unified Multi-Purpose Identification System.”

Unified Multi-Purpose Identification System: Mock-Identification Card

This is a move to simplify and put ease to transactions regarding entitlement to your employment, security, retirement and health government insurance services in a single identification or ID card. They will start to implement this at the beginning of August this year. The picture below gives a possible overview of how it may be done. You can also imagine how’s this going to happen like an election day lining up one more time.

Unified Multi-Purpose Identification System: Mock-Registration Process

It was reported that it would also allow transactions for public transportations like the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT). They also admitted that the inclusion of your other identification such as driver’s license, NBI, TIN might be a possibility in the future.

You can notice that it has something to do with reviving their failed attempt to implement what’s proposed before regarding the National ID. It actually raised delicate security issues where your privacy would be at stake and that your detailed information can be easily accessed, manipulated and used for corrupt gain or malicious intent. Not to mention if it can handle monetary transactions as small as transportation expenses to maybe what, credit facilities too? Some people describe it as “Big Brother’s watching us, controlling our lives, playing like god.”

National ID: How It Operates?

It can breed some paranoia but if it was trashed before because of such unresolved issues, why not answer it now and provide solutions or better yet resolve prevalent ‘system issues’ like the SSS Online Inquiry where even in a day of waiting you can’t still login or in some instances accessing a different profile with your SSS number on it.

If it aims to unite different entities or government service establishments to offer better accessibility or handling of transactions and speed up business, would it be better to resolve each entity first? Or we’ll end up not to be able to access or use all of it because we got a problem with just one of them.

Touché! 😉


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