UBI Kinect App Turns Any Surface into a Multi-Touch Display, Price Starts at $149

UBI Interactive now sells their Kinect App, which turns any surface into a touchscreen with the use of a projector, Microsoft Kinect for Windows sensor and a PC running on Windows 8.

The application for this app creates so much possibilities for varying business and enterprises that would allow them to interact much more on virtual contents, whether engaging over a table display or discussing across any wall. Maps, blueprints, product demonstrations or even game plays can be both immersive and fun at the same time using this touch sensing system.

The UBI package starts with a Basic app offering at $149, which supports up to 45-inch display with just one (1) touch to respond to. The Professional ($379), Business ($799) and Enterprise ($1499) packages all support up to 100-inch display, with 1, 2 and 20 touches the display will respond to, respectively. All these versions includes free updates for a year.

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