TURD Talks highlights the genius beneath every underachiever

“In every underachieving child lies a genius.” – Silid Aralan Inc.

Revolutionary ideas doesn’t have much following initially. But sometimes, you get a good gut feel about it that though it’s unpopular, it’s going on the right direction. And as all revolutionary ideas did, it will in one way or two change our lives as well.

TURD Talks

Silid Aralan Inc launched TURD Talks last week, April 28th in Makati City, its own version of TED Talks and highlights on its belief that kids who are considered underachievers in schools can be a topnotch performer after all, given the right motivation and mentoring.

Three of its turned-achievers takes the spotlight namely Carlo Jumagdao, Julio Babagay, and Erlen Mahilum. They apparently represent kids who have different reasons why they do not get along well with school. Carlo’s a happy-go-lucky DOTA gamer, Julio’s sleeping in class and school doesn’t interest him at all, and Erlen’s has dreams of being a writer but falls shorts in class and rejected from their school paper.

TURD Talks - Carlo Jumagdao

TURD Talks - Julio Babagay

TURD Talks - Erlen Mahilum

Obnoxious kids, turds honed with love for learning and given the appropriate guidance and support did turned their view of learning upside-down. Carlo right now develops for corporate websites and mobile applications while still on college studying IT. Julio began his own business on a social enterprise 3 years ago, which creates and designs notebooks from scrap materials and now tops his class. Erlen ends up to be the only student in her class to pass UPCAT and finally completes a dream novel, which was edited at Yale University.

Real lives changed are concrete, powerful examples of what Silid Aralan as an organization stands for. Currently they have at least four programs. Ground Zero Project is where they trigger the kids’ love for learning and reading. Its Tutok Program aims to catapult low bottom public high school students to better thinkers and learners by developing their higher order thinking skill set, and building their self-worth and confidence.

They also have Iwastology, an open-source project where anybody can contribute on helping proliferate waste reduction on a global scale, waste-to-products conversions, and other creative and inventive solutions on battling waste crisis worldwide. Its top program is with iLead where it empowers both grade and high schoolers through leadership and financial literacy trainings to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, starting with putting up their own social enterprises and soon come up with their own revolutionary idea.

Inspiring and worth spreading, right? Don’t miss their featured videos and be sure to visit their site and support its cause in whichever way you can. You can at least like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter @SilidAralanInc or invite them in your schools and universities as well.



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