Trust Is Your Glue!

“Every relationship is bound to fall apart when you start keeping things… secrets don’t destroy everything, suspicion does…”

Relationships takes two to work out. Family, friends, boy and girl or married couples to business, community and political alliances… trust plays the glue that allow them to stick together coherently that at the same time allow them to move freely apart though they don’t see each other physically. Trust is like an unseen force in between here.

There will always be secrets. Things that we consciously and unconsciously don’t know. Hiding things may cover up in the mean time but it will surely be revealed in unsuspected time. That’s why it’s a race with time if you’ll reveal it yourself before it does with itself.

Secrets has its own cycle of getting hid and getting revealed. It’s nature itself that both cause relationships to either react to falter or to further be strengthened. Suspicion actually envelopes secrets. The one who hides begins to have it and in return the person who was hidden from feels the same suspicion.

On some cases though, there are simply conscious secrets hidden to deliberately harm. There are motivations on these of course. But generally, you can’t live with other people having the suspicion of getting harmed by these same people.

Have you felt how bad feelings of suspicion creep into your skin on the last discussion above? That’s the same feeling where they say on how it all starts to destroy everything in your relationships.

Don’t let it! Get working on trust instead… remember it’s your glue! =)

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