Toshiba Entering the Wearable Device Market with a Wristband Activity and Fitness Monitor

Toshiba’s announcing its latest wearable gadget, the wristband activity and fitness monitor, which is recently available at NTT Docomo.

Toshiba Wristband

With the advent of wearable gadgets, since the unintentional strapping of the Nano iPod on wrists, the release of Google Glass, and both Sony’s Smartwatch and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear on the fore front of Android’s line up, companies on both global and local scale are into investing so as not to be left behind the wearable bandwagon. Not to mention, Apple’s being expected to release its own, coined by some as the iWatch.

Toshiba’s capitalizing very logically to the snowball effect on the market as more are releasing their own take on the wearable gadgets. Though, the activity and fitness monitor is like the Nike’s Fuel band and or Sony’s recently released band as well. Toshiba’s wristband uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to a smartphone app to practically display activity stats, fitness performance numbers, and practically track your daily physical routine, like resting, walking, or running.

Besides logging your activities, which shows frequency and intensity, it’ll also report calories burned. This makes it more relevant to checking and measuring your current activities, and gives you a chance to either move to more heavy exercises or turn away with something you eat. It pretty much help on how you take care of yourself.

Toshiba makes this wearable wristband work by utilizing sensors, coupled with data processing, and efficient cloud connectivity in retaining and channeling your personal activity and health track records. It has a strap buckle, which allows you to fit around your wrist from 145mm to 200mm at its largest size. It’s about 12mm thick, 17mm wide, and weighs at about 22g. It’s powered with a Li-Ion battery that can last for about 4 to 5 days.

Announcement regarding pricing and availability on other countries haven’t been mentioned yet.


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