TORQUE KONEKTADO New Year BLOWOUT: DROIDZ Edge, Duo, Drive Slim, Push+ and Portal X on Sale

Torque is turning your new year into a tablet frenzy with their 7-inch tablet line-up for the taking on their Konektado New Year Blowout promo.

The promo includes Torque DROIDZ Edge priced at Php2,149, DROIDZ Duo at Php2,699, DROIDZ Drive Slim at Php2,999, DROIDZ Push+ at Php3,499, and the DROIDZ Portal X at Php4,199. These Torque slates have dual-core processors, except for the DROIDZ Edge.

Torque DROIDZ Portal X has recently been announced and will play as the big guy among the rest, featuring dual SIM, 3G module on board and mobile TV included on the tab spec package.


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