Torque Joins the ‘Mini’ Bandwagon with its DROIDZ Mini D

Torque Philippines’ jumping from the 7-inch slates and going to a bit bigger size range that is the 7.85-inch mark with its latest phone tablet, Torque DROIDZ Mini D.

Torque Droidz Mini D

Actually, it’s the size range of Apple’s iPad Mini, which made a significant sales figures last quarter and the beginning of this year for the US tech giant. And having such phenomenal surge on the market will definitely make the local brands want to figure out what can make them have the same sales experience.

Well, there are a number of things like the size, the form factor, the design, the premium feel, and maybe the vast collection of apps. However, for a local company, it would be the design, the form factor, and the naming per se, which can easily be followed on with. After all, Samsung, the Korean tech juggernaut also have those subtle resemblance even with their naming as well.

But, the Torque Droidz Mini D still deserves respect with how this gadget has been pulled-in together with a dual-core MT8382 1.3GHz processor, with 8GB of internal storage, and 512MB of RAM. The 7.85-inch display has a pretty high resolution at 1024 x 768.

The dual SIM capability with a 3G module on the first SIM is definitely a plus, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows you to stay connected online or with other gadgets as well. The 5MP camera at the rear is just a fine primary shooter, with a 1.3MP on front for quick selfies photos.

Torque Droidz Mini comes out of the box running Android 4.2 JB and its initial pricing sets at Php5,699 only. Check out Torque shops and concept stalls for more info or if you’ll opt to buy one.


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