Tomorrow Will Be The Result Of Today’s Choice

“Let your today take care of your tomorrow. Learn now, study now, work diligently now. Now is all we have. The quality of our tomorrow will be the result of today’s choice.”

Have you ever thought that most of your time is so much spent of thinking about what will happen to you tomorrow or in the future? I sure have so! Of course, it is essential for us to look forward to know where we begin. We have to know our goals to realize if what we are doing right now is helping us reach THESE goals.

On the other hand, what we just have in front of us is just NOW. After we dream of what or how we like our life to be or to have, we have to ACT NOW! Yep, it has to be put into action. The plan has to be executed. Your blueprint has to be built! After laying out on the table, it has to get to a test run. Don’t worry if it’s not yet perfect! Get on with it and learn as many solutions to as many mistakes you commit! TOMORROW will transform itself as you continually allow your self to CHANGE your NOW!

Yes, the quality of our tomorrow will be the result of your today’s CHOICE. =)

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