TNT FREE SOCIAL to 5555: Talk ‘N Text Gives Social Networking Bundle Free

Talk ‘N Text got your social networking covered for free. You can jump right away to your FB or Twitter account and fire up those posts to your friends. Though the offer is kind of limited, actually just till February 28 and that is today.


It may be too soon, but at least you get a taste for it. This Social Bundle was previously announced with Smart PowerApp. It’s still in beta even right now, where you get to download the app for your Android phone and conveniently choose different levels of internet access through Smart, or in your case, TNT. You can read further here about the PowerApp.

To get your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Path working for free, simply send FREE SOCIAL to 5555. Take note to text it spot on upon reading this cause the promo ends today. However if luck’s on your side, maybe Talk ‘N Text gets to have another extension. This was supposed to end for good last January 15 anyway, but got some more time for TNT users, instead.


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