TNT Araw-Araw LOAD30: 3 Days UnliText Plus 30 Mins Calls and Mobile Surfing for P30

Talk ‘N Text launches their latest prepaid promo, Araw-Araw Load 30, which comes with unlimited text messages, 30 minutes of calls to both Talk ‘N Text and Smart network, and 30 minutes of mobile surfing for only Php30 for 3 days.

Actually, the 30 minutes of calls will be divided for 3 days, so it’ll be 10 mins calls to TNT and Smart numbers allocated per day. For net surfing, the same applies, which allots 10 minutes mobile internet per day as well.

To register for TNT Araw-Araw Load 30, simply text AL30 to 4545. To use the calling feature, just dial *6565 + 11-digit TNT / Smart number (Ex. *656509201234567).


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