TM TODO TAWAG 15/15: Php1.00 per Minute Call to TM and Globe for 15 Mins

Republika ng TM lets you call for Php1.00 per minute using TM TODO TAWAG 15/15 to all your TM and Globe friends for only Php15 for 15 minutes.

This TM prepaid call promo actually gives you exactly 15 minutes for a single call, whether you consume the whole time span or got a shorter call time. In both cases, it will cost you Php15. So, better be sure that it’ll take more than at least 10 minutes to get the most out of this promo.

There’s no registration needed for TM TODOTAWAG 15/15. You can use it straight forward by just affixing 800 before the 10-digit TM or Globe number (Ex. 8009261234567) then press dial.

Also make sure that you have at least Php15 load before you call. Or at least Php30 if you expect to that you’ll be having a longer conversation. Though after 15 minutes, your call will automatically be cut, and you just have to dial again for the next 15 mins.

TM TODO TAWAG 15/15 runs till September 30, 2013 and is open for TM subscribers only.

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