TM ASTIGFB15: Unlimited Facebook for 2 Days

TM continues to offer unlimited social networking, the TM ASTIG FB 15, which comes with 2 days of unlimited Facebook access via its mobile website for only Php15.

With FB mobile version, you can already update your FB status, upload photos, post messages and even accept friends. Take note though, that you shouldn’t be clicking any links that would get you out of Facebook mobile, such as YouTube and Yahoo, or it will incur regular browsing rates of P5/15mins.

Also, be aware that you can’t use this prepaid promo via other Facebook app. Again, just use this one via viewed only on your mobile browser. Though, avoid the Opera Mini browser cause the promo does not work with it as well.

To avail of TM Astig FB15, just text ASTIGFB15 to 8888, then wait for the confirmation. You can also text ASTIGFB STATUS for free to know if it has been successfully registered or even when it’s about to expire. Alternatively, you can also dial *143# instead, then select Mobile Internet Promos, and next is ASTIGFB. This TM prepaid promo runs till December 31, 2013.

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