Think Happy Thoughts

“Happy thoughts remove life’s pressures. They have healing powers that uplift the spirit and lead to a blissful life. Think happy. Be at peace.”

Life’s pressure either crushes us until we give up or it can point us to a direction to help us find what’s really inside us. It can terrify us and sap out our strength, even feel it scraping out our very bones. Our eyes in pain and so dry. We feel left out or suddenly we find ourselves facing a cold, blank wall.

You are free to think of your situation that way, but at the same time you can always think otherwise. There’s nothing magical here, but it will surely change your life! You can try it by thinking a happy thought right now. Something unforgettable, funny, a moment that made you feel significant, experience pure joy of receiving a gift, just being hugged or moments that somebody listened to you. You begin to think thoughts like these and you’ll feel warmth in your heart and a soothing calmness in your soul. It’s good to remind ourselves of such that gives way to getting at peace with ourselves once more.

Again, you have to begin to change what you think, now. Yeah, think happy thoughts. =)

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