The Brighter Side Of Life

I received a text message and it read:

“Keep your optimism… after all… no one has ever damaged his eyesight by looking at the BRIGHTER side of LIFE… ö good morning!”

This one is a classic, don’t you think? Every morning you wake up and the first thing you see is not even the ceiling! Most of the time you stare at it as if your mind pass through it, especially if you had a very bad day at work yesterday. Your girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t had the time to text you back. Your salary is just not enough to pay your bills on your credit card. And you’re just feeling to down to get up…

Hey stop thinking about it. Whatever it is and I mean now!

That spider up in your ceiling is really working double time and fast enough to create it’s home and to catch food… Your special someone might have a rough day yesterday too and it may be the best time for you to get her some flowers or treat him for a relaxing time at the spa. Maybe it’s time for you to look at an opportunity that can give you another income stream.

There’s just so much things in life to look forward to… and that they call the BRIGHTER side of LIFE! =)

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