Teaser: Cherry Mobile’s Smartphone Note Version with a G Pen Stylus

Cherry Mobile’s posting a couple of teasers on their Facebook page, and it definitely aroused much attention.

Cherry Mobile’s covering a lot of market bases nowadays, with wearables like the G1 Watch Phone and even with the recent P1 Mini Bluetooth dialers. This time, they may be targeting the Galaxy Note range of models.

It’s kinda obvious with the photos with a singled-out S Pen-like stylus and coined as a G PEN instead. It has a side button, which would activate special gestures as well.

Captions like Doodle, Scribble, Sketch, E-mail, or Text like a PRO, does not just tell us about the included pen on their new smartphone, but also hints us about its name. Say, it may be called a Cherry Mobile Note Pro, a Cherry Mobile Tab Pro, or even a combination like a Cherry Mobile Note Tab Pro.

Anyway, the best we could do right now is just wait, and maybe we could be lucky if it’s dubbed as the next “Note ng Bayan” priced at around Php4K.


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