SUN TRIO 100, TRIO 30 and TRIO 20: Calls to Sun, Smart & TNT Plus SMS to ALL Networks

Sun Cellular Prepaid currently added the SUN TRIO 100 to the Sun TRIO 30 and TRIO 20 as to complete the tri-partite prepaid promo that wishes to dominate the call and text promo run. Sun TRIO100 offers 80 minutes of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk N’ Text, and 1000 text to all networks, which includes Globe and TM subscribers for a P100 for a 7-day validity.

However, unlike the latter two TRIO promo, the TRIO 100 includes a 7-hour mobile surfing time, which makes it much exciting and at the same time more economical. Sun TRIO 30, actually includes 30 minutes of calls to the 3 networks plus 300 SMS to all networks (200 texts to other networks + 100 Sun texts). While, Sun TRIO 20 wraps up 15 mins of calls and 200 texts to Sun, Smart and TNT only.

Registration to SUN TRIO Prepaid Promo are as follows:

Sun TRIO 100 (P100/7days): Text TRIO100 to 247
Sun TRIO 30 (P30/1day): Text TRIO30 to 247
Sun TRIO 20 (P20/1day): Text TRIO20 to 247


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