SUN FREE FB: How to access FREE Facebook via SUN Cellular network?

Sun Cellular makes FREE Facebook access much convenient now that it allows you to use your FB account via cellular data without paying any or even without the need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot either.

Sun Free FB Access

Sounds cool? Then, here’s how down below. Though if you’re on Android, don’t forget to download its latest update while on Wi-Fi at home or in the office. Note that the free data connection only applies with Facebook mobile and data charges still applies on updates or any external usage apart from FB.

Sun Free Facebook Access On

1. First, make sure you got your mobile data connection enabled through your setting.
2. Open Facebook either via your updated Android App or its mobile website. You’ll get prompted with a message if you want to use Facebook Without Data Charges. Hit Continue.
3. On the top right corner, toggle the switch to FREE. It will turn the data charges off and consequently, it won’t download any photos or videos you can view, too.

Now, it may leave you wanting to see more, like those pictures or video clips your friends want you to look at. Then, that’s when you can opt to toggle again the switch to PAID this time and inevitably leave Sun Free FB. Of course it will now apply Sun’s regular data rate, though you get unhampered Facebook mobile experience in return. Well, here’s how down below.

Sun Free Facebook Access Off

1. Again, on the top right corner, toggle the switch to PAID.
2. You’ll get a pop-over prompting if you want to Use Data to View Photos and Videos? Hit USE DATA.
3. Then that’s it. You’re on full Facebook mode. And you can toggle again the switch to FREE if you want to stop the data charges to continue incurring.

That’s pretty easy and quick, right? Actually, that’s not just about it, because Smart and Talk N’ Text subscribers also have this FREE Facebook access right on their phones as well. So, get on with it and try Sun Free FB. Keep us posted with your comments or feedbacks down below, too.


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