SUN FREE FB FOREVER: Your Free 24/7 Access to Facebook Via Sun Cellular!

“Make Sun Cellular Free Fb Permanent – Sun Cellular now offers Facebook for Free!”

Sun Cellular strategically tied-up with Facebook to allow all Sun prepaid and postpaid users with GPRS capable mobile phones to check their status, read and update news feeds from friends, and post comments practically for free. This one’s based on Facebook’s lighter version, the Facebook Zero (

You can start up with your Sun’s value added service by texting FreeFB to 2300. Then a follow-up message will be sent to you that instructs you the following:

1. Activate your GPRS and handset settings by texting ACTIVATE to 2300.
2. Choose SUN WAP as your access point.
3. Go to and click on “Browse Facebook for FREE” that is the Facebook Zero link.
4. You can then add up and be friends with Sun Cellular by clicking on Sun Cellular VAS ( or if you’re using Facebook Mobile, by clicking on

Take note that Facebook Zero is a free text-only version of Facebook. Standard browsing rates of P10/30 minutes will automatically apply once you view photos or click on external links. So, save the surfing when you’re at home or when you have free time at the office. You can instead set your cellphones data connection to MANUAL mode to avoid such unwanted charges.

If you want to view, grab or upload photos with your Facebook account, then you have to settle for their mobile internet plans for more affordable access against their usual standard charges. Both prepaid and post-paid Sun Subscribers can convert their regular loads to or add-on iLoad respectively, by simply texting i25 or i50 to 247. This will cost you P25 for i25 that’ll give you 3 hours of internet access within a 1-day validity. While i50 costs P50 for 1-day unlimited access. You can never go wrong with the price because their iLoads’ obviously labeled.

For prepaid users, more options are given when you use Sun Broadband Wireless (SBW) loads, which you can readily use with your phone for surfing (yep, this one’s not just limited with your SBW dongles). SBW25 and SBW50 has the same benefits with i25 and i50, while SBW100 gives you a 3-day unlimited access within 3 days validity and SBW300 gives you 48 hours, but this one’s spread out to a 10-day validity. For postpaid subscribers, Sun also offers iPlan 149 for 20 hours a month, iPlan 399 for 60 hours and iPlan 649 for unlimited monthly mobile internet usage.

For more information or any help you might need with the GPRS setting of your phone or anything regarding Sun Cellular’s FREE FACEBOOK service, feel free to reach their Hotline 200.


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