Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 1299: FREE 32” Smart LED TV Plus Acer Tablet and Pocket Wi-Fi

Sun Cellular offers another gadget bundle, the Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 1299, which comes with a 32-inch My View HD Smart LED TV, an Acer Iconia B1 tablet, and a Sun Broadband Pocket Wi-Fi.

Sun actually keeps on getting better on bringing new and more practical sets of gadget bundles that strategically and literally designs how their clients supposed to consume and use their electronic stuffs. It’s like saying outright what you need to set up both in your home and while on the go to stay connected. And bundling the Smart TV with a tablet and a Pocket WiFi, is definitely hitting yet another home run.

Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 1299 includes 60 hours of online access. So whether you’re at the living room with a smart TV, or inside a room or outside elsewhere with the tablet, you can stay connected. The MyView Smart TV also comes with a mouse and a keyboard, so you can really be on top of things comfortably when surfing online. The plan keeps you in a contract for 30 months, and also comes with an Anti Bill Shock features.


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