Sony Sells VAIO and Withdraws from the PC Market Altogether

Sony, in a press release has formally confirmed that it’s premium PC brand VIAO has been decided to be sold to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (JIP), thereby resulting them to stop planning, design and development on their PC products altogether.


Reports about the ongoing transaction has been leaked some days ago, though there’s without much explanation besides from an obvious reason of losing dollars and market share. Actually as pointed out, it was more on stirring away from the drastic changes in the global PC industry, and their company’s reevaluation on what fits Sony’s overall business portfolio and global strategy.

This product line up analysis leaves Sony to focus on the smartphone, tablet and gaming platform. Not to mention further securing their lead on the TV market, notably with 4K displays. Playstation 4 even got better sales than the competition on its launching.

JIP in turn, will focus on sales on both consumer and enterprise PC initially in the Japanese market, followed by possible strategic expansions. Customer support will still continue for existing VIAO users, and about 250 to 300 of Sony’s PC people are expected to transfer employment with the new management as well.


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