Sony Bravia HD LED 3D TV LX900 Announced At CES 2010

A new range of models of the Sony Bravia TV in ‘monolithic design’ was launched at the CES 2010 press conference. The Bravia LX900, HX900, NX800 and EX700 HD TV were lined-up and the new LX900 proved to be stunning and a real head-turner during the event, capitalizing on the 3DTV market.

With full High-Definition 3D in mind, the LX900 uses “the high frame rate of our 200Hz TVs together with Active Shutter glass technology to create incredibly realistic depth and vivid 3D images.” It’s available in 40-inch, 52-inch and 60-inch sizes that comes with 1080p, net-connected, edge-lit LED 3D TV. Yes, it’s capable of full HD 3D video playback, like James Cameron’s movie Avatar right in front of your living room.

It also has a built-in Wi-Fi (802. 11n) that allows you to access both your favorite shows online and social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. This type of TV is also Eco-friendly featuring an ambient light sensor that has automatic dimming adjustment in different lighting levels and an Intelligent Presence Sensor which will monitor if anyone is watching. The built-in DVD player even saves space in your living room.

This new 3D LED TV sure looks great and would be any person’s dream to have. Who wouldn’t want to have an Eco-friendly, stylish, and internet capable TV, right? Though, there’s still no news on the price and when it’s gonna be released on the market.


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