SnappyCam App Shoots 4X Faster @ 20 Full-Sensor Pics/Sec on iPhone 5

SnappyCam Pro app version 3.0.0 makes a great deal of innovation on how it enables the iPhone 5 to capture high-res 8 Mpx photos at record speeds of up to 20 full-sensor pictures per second on an iPhone 5. That’s actually 4x faster than iPhone’s normal camera app.

The developer, John Papandriopoulos actually has to reinvent the JPEG compression, besides the image signal processing engine of SnappyCam to be able to virtually bring high-quality photos at DSLR continuous shooting capability, with the convenience of a smartphone.

That’s pretty ingenious for an app making the most of iPhone 5’s dual core powered hardware. Nokia on their Lumnia series, especially on their latest Lumnia 1020 having a sleek addition of a 41MP rear camera, with its cool and amazing Smart Camera Windows app, is only able to capture 10 pics per 2.5 seconds. Even Samsung’s Galaxy S4 only came close at 7.5 full-sensor pictures per second.

SnappyCam Pro features high speed capture at up to 60 pictures/sec, or 20 full-sensor pics/sec at continuous or even at infinite shooting, which means you’ll never miss your perfect shot again. Also, you get to select the Aspect Ratio, from a standard 4:3, Instagram 1:1 or with a wide 16:9 ratio. Aside from aspect ratio, you get to have high-speed digital zooming at up to 6.0x magnification. Plus, you can easily pick the Best Shot on a selection it provides you, or save a cluster of pictures you want to set up as a “living photo“. You can share it via Instagram, or just export it right away through iTunes App File Sharing.

However, besides that it makes your iPhone 5 the fastest in continuous shooting, it could even be better if it’ll also include some smart editing as well. But for just a $0.99, SnappyCam will definitely blow you away on how fast it can give you the best shots, or better yet, hover on a classic slowmo memorabilia.

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