SmartSAT SatSleeves Adds Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Support aside from iPhone 5 and 5s

Smart Communications now extends its SmartSAT services from iPhone 5 and 5s SatSleeve support, and now includes Android-based phones that is the Samsung Galaxy S4, plus a stand-alone satellite phone, the XT model.


Both the SatSleeve and the XT are capable of voice calls, emails, SMS, and data services on dead spots, where cellular coverage gets too difficult or even totally put our communication off all together. These devices comes in a Smart SAT package priced at Php38,500, which includes the satellite SIM card pre-loaded with an initial $225 or Php10,000 worth of airtime credits.

Here are the prepaid rates on calling, texting and the data charges listed below. There will be prepaid load cards for SmartSAT subscribers available in market as well.

SmartSAT Services


Smart, Sun and PLDT

Other Networks


Voice Call



$0.57 – $5.75/Min

SMS / Text Messaging




Data Services




Customer Care




SmartSAT has been in the market since last year with its partnership with Thuraya Telecommunications. However, the recent Yolanda disaster prompt the Smart SAT project to be on a wider set up as with its recent offerings being extended on supporting Android devices and even having XT on its own. The blackout resulting from damaged cell sites in the affected regions has shown how sat phones can really be reliable in such emergency situations.

SmartSAT SatSleeves for iPhone 5 ans 5s, and XT

For those interested, you can reserve an XT stand-alone sat phone or a SatSleeve for your iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or Samsung Galaxy S4 at Smart SAT online. Or just go ahead right away at the Jump Store located in SM Megamall if you want it now.


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