Smart to Launch its Smart API for Local Web and Mobile App Developers Soon

Smart Communication’s getting serious on helping the cause of web and app developers in the country by initially forming its Smart Developer Network (Smart DevNet) way back 2012, and as of its recent announcement about making their network resources open and accessible via its Smart API soon.

Smart DevNet

Actually, its Smart API (application programming interface) is already available in beta, and is currently offered for free to members of its Smart DevNet online community. Registration to the developer’s community is also free, so you won’t be denied of the opportunity to hover inside and test on the API console. Just make sure that you have a Smart number to register along as well.

Smart API Console

The great news on having access to Smart API is on creating apps with the ability to capitalize on its network capabilities like SMS, MMS, voice calling, and operator billing. Not to mention, the bankability of Smart’s 57 million subscribers. Just imagine being able to ask for in-app purchases and directly be paid via its operator billing or even through Smart Money? Yep, that’s business from end to end.

Well on a global comparison, Apple also has capitalized on its developers by creating their own developer community, too. Paid them well on a 30-70 share deal with up-front or in-app purchases. They’ve also launched iBeacon, with which to some speculations would allow the iDevices to transmit and receive electronic payments as well. That is of course, tied to its other technologies like the fingerprint sensor, built with Apple products and some other core technologies they’ve integrated with iOS.

NFC technology is getting on the same direction for mobile payment systems on Android devices. With Smart getting its network in line with such technology trend, Smart Money can have a good chance of holding a strong position on mobile payments as well. Especially, on a local scene with much potential for growth both on mobile app development and the app usage itself.


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