Smart Postpaid SIM-Only FREEDOM PLANS

Smart’s making postpaid plans more liberating with their all new Smart Postpaid Freedom Plans, now that they actually removed lock-in periods and minimum call and text consumptions per month out of the equation.

However, they also took away the free smart phones or tablets that comes with the postpaid’s perks, making it a SIM-only plan. Not everyone needs a brand new gadget anyway, and some content themselves with going mobile without being hampered with fixed-plans that sometimes they don’t consume much in one way or the other in a month. Moreover, Smart have included a built-in P600 bill cap to make sure you won’t overspend. Plus they’re giving a 10% rebate on the first 6 months if you at least have P300 consumption per month and fully paid your previous month’s bill.

What Smart puts in is a wide range of choices for call, text and mobile surfing that you can add up and change monthly. Here are the keywords of services, which you can try mixing. All you have to do is to type the KEYWORD as itemized below and send to 9990 (ex. TRINET400 to 9990).


UNLITALK (P500/30 Days): Unlimited calls to Smart
TALK150 (P150/15 Days): 150 mins calls to Smart, Sun & TNT
CALL250 (P250/15 Days): 100 mins calls to All Networks, landlines and to U.S., Canada,Hong Kong & Singapore


TRITXT200 (P200/15 Days): Unlimited text to Smart, Sun & TNT
TRITXT350 (P350/30 Days): Unlimited text to Smart, Sun & TNT
ALLTXT100 (P100/15 Days): 1000 texts to All Networks + 75mb of mobile surfing
ALLTXT200 (P200/30 Days): 2000 texts to All Networks + 150mb of mobile surfing


CT400 (P400/15 Days): Unlimited calls & texts to Smart & TNT + 60 mins to Sun
CT600 (P600/30 Days): Unlimited calls & texts to Smart & TNT + 90 mins to Sun
TRINET200 (P200/15 Days): 250 mins calls to Smart, Sun & TNT + 1000 texts to ALL Networks + 75mb mobile surfing
TRINET400 (P400/30 Days): 500 mins calls to Smart, Sun & TNT + 2000 texts to ALL Networks + 150mb mobile surfing


SURF (P1000/30 Days): Unlimited mobile surfing
BB FULL (P599/30 Days): Unlimited Blackberry services
BB EMAIL (P300/30 Days): Unlimited Blackberry email
BBM ON (P99/30 Days): Unlimited Blackberry Messenger + 30 mins calls to Smart & TNT

If you haven’t availed any of the above services, the following standard charges on your calls, texts and mobile surfing will apply:

CALLS: Smart & TNT (P6.50); All Networks (P7.50)
TEXTS & MMS: All Networks (P1.00)
IDD: to any country (US$0.40/min)
Int’l SMS: to any country (P10.00)
Mobile Surfing: (P10.00/30 mins)


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