Smart LTE Plan 599: 1.5GB Data with NO LOCK IN Period

Smart’s positioning its Freedom-like Smart LTE Plan on prospective net users to avail its Plan 599, which comes with 1.5GB of consumable data per month and a free Smart LTE SIM with no lock in contract or even minimum month of usage.

Smart LTE Plan 599

The proposition is like surf till you either don’t need it anymore or choose another better offer from the other network without the knot to hold you for long. However, this Smart LTE Plan, given that your primary or favorite place to surf the net have their acceptable LTE coverage, is pretty much a great offer.

The 1.5GB is definitely enough to cater your browsing data in a month with at least 10,000 web pages of your most visited social networking site or any information driven sites. Though, watching videos from YouTube would significantly deplete your 1.5GB. So, better limit to a couple of clips per day so you can get it through for a month. In case you surpass it, the regular rates apply.

With Smart LTE Plan 599, you can have the LTE SIM for free, or the LTE Plug IT for a one-time payment of Php3,500, or the LTE Pocket Wi-Fi for a single cash-out of Php4,500 as well. You can also choose from Smart LTE Plan 999, Plan 1299, Plan 1749 and Plan 3500, which allows you to consume 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and 21GB of data, respectively.

To apply, you only have to present a valid ID. So better head out to get the plan if you want it. Online application is still on its way for Plan 599 and 999, though for the rest of the LTE Plans mentioned above, just click on their online page right away. Take note though, that Smart LTE have speeds of up to 42Mbps within its greater coverage service area and has minimum speeds of 12-48kbps at 80% service availability rate.


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