Smart LAHATxt 30 COMBO: 300 Texts to All Networks Plus 20 Mins Calls

Smart’s giving away tons of text messages and calls through their combo packages, SMART LAHATxt30 and LAHATxt20 Combos. LAHATxt 30 will cost you P30 for 300 texts to all networks plus 20mins voice calls to Smart, Talk N’ Text and Red Mobile that’s all good for 2 days. While the LAHATxt 20 is at P20 for a 1 day validity of 250 all-network text messages plus 10 minutes Smart, TNT and Red calls.

So, how will you register for these combo packages? Simply send L30 to 2266 for LAHAT Txt30 Combo or text L20 to 2266 to avail the LAHAT Txt20 Combo. You’ll receive a confirmation when you’ve successfully registered. Though, you should take note that you have to maintain a P1.00 balance to keep your packages running.

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