Smart Buddy Unlimited Calls All Night: CALL NYT LONG for 15 Pesos

Smart Buddy introduces their CALL NYT LONG unlimited calls for only 15 pesos! That’s good news to Smart subscribers!

You guys can register for Smart’s unlimited call just by texting NYT15 and sending it to 8566. That’ll be calls all night long for you from 11PM to 6AM.

Smart CALL NYT LONG for 15 Pesos

Just in case you’re a call addict and you want to do it on daytime, but you’re on a tight budget. Well, stop wondering about it because Smart also has an ALL CALLS 20!

That’s 20 pesos for 10-minutes call and you can use it the full 10mins straight or use it on a per minute call, meaning you have it 2 pesos per minute! You’ll also have free 5 text messages to send to your Smart and Talk ‘N Text friends!

To register, just send Text 20 to 909.

Guys, there’s another one! Smart’s ALL CALLS 100 gives you 60 minutes call time for 100 pesos with free 30 text messages. This one expires after 5 days.

To register, just send Text 100 to 909

All of these promos end May 31, 2009. So load up, and call all you want!


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