Smart Bro ‘Share It’ Broadband: Smart Bro Powered Wireless Router

Smart Broadband launches Smart Bro ‘Share It’ as the first wireless broadband router in the country. Smart pulls out their newest black knight in their WiFi stratagem here.

It basically allows you to connect 5 computers and/or laptops and have wifi access simultaneously in a given radius. Smart capitalizes on their 3G/HSDPA/HSPA network nationwide, so you can bring it along anywhere just in case you find your area a bit online-hogged or a dead spot.

Smart Bro Share It: Wireless Broadband Router

Good for families, those running small-staffed businesses, pool of net gamers hanging out, group online researches and studies or even just home buddies who want to do things together in the Internet.

You can avail SMART Bro Share It with Plan 999, a 12-month subscription plan. It gives you 90 hours of Internet access, at speeds of up to 2 mbps in key cities. Usage exceeding 90 hours will be charged P.35 per minute.

The initial cash-out is a total of P3,499 for both the P2,500 device and your first month’s fee of P999. You only pay P999 on the following months.

Go to your nearest Smart Wireless Center to apply and just bring an ID with your current address on it.


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