Smart Bro Gadget Plus 3-in-1 Plans: Choose a Tablet, a Smartphone, and Get a Pocket Wi-Fi at Plan 999

Smart Communications introduces its Smart Bro Gadget Plus 3-in-1 Plans, where you choose your own combination of a FREE tablet and a smartphone, plus you get to have a Pocket Wi-Fi.

At Smart Bro Gadget Plus 3-in-1 Plan 999, you get to choose from four (4) tablets and four (4) smartphones. It would be a choice from Alcatel Tab 7 HD, Starmobile Engage, HP Slate 7, or Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth for the tablet; and the Alcatel Magic, Alcatel One Touch Inspire 2, Lenovo A390, and LG L3 for your smartphone selection.

Besides the tablet, smartphone, and the Pocket Wi-Fi, you also get 50 hours of online access, and unlimited TRI-NET text messaging. It will also feature an Anti Bill Shock, which helps you not exceed your budget just in case you’ll find yourself in a surfing frenzy.

At Gadget Plus 3-in-1 Plan 1299, there’s a new set of choices for the tablet line-up, and another choice if you want a Power Plug-it USB connection, instead of the Pocket WiFi, and with all other parts of the promo remaining the same. The available tablets to choose from are the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung ATIV Book 2, and the Acer Aspire V5 122P.

And with a Gadget Plus 3-in-1 Plan 1599, you only have a choice between a Samsung ATIV Book 2 or Acer Aspire V5 122P. However, you get an additional freebie of either a Printer or an Acer Iconia B1 tablet. And again, the choice for the smartphone and other features of the promo with Plan 999 and Plan 1299 still remains the same.

Just check out any Smart Shop for more details and of course, when you decide to get these lovely treats this new year for yourself or share the gadgets with your love ones as well.

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