Smart Bro ALWAYS ON 300: 250 MB of Surfing Size for 30 Days Validity

Smart Bro is pushing their ALWAYS ON 300, which gives you 250 MB surfing size in a span of 30 days. Not much on the data size, but you can spread it out for a month long of keeping your internet access to be always on. That in turn, you’re only paying for the data size you just consumed.

That’s not unlimited, though there are still a lot of things you can do with that 250MB, like sending almost 400 thousand instant messages, view 400+ webpages or read 3,000+ emails less the attachments. You can’t download a movie with such limited data or view much of video streaming on YouTube, but at least you can download around 50+ songs, that is when you include a bit of surfing of course.

If P300 is not too affordable for you, then there are still a lot of options for you that Smart Bro have on their ALWAYS ON Plans. The following plans are available to all Smart Postpaid, Prepaid and Mobile Broadband Prepaid (except for the ALWAYS ON 200 that’s only available for Mobile Broadband Prepaid):

ALWAYS ON 20 (P20): 25MB for 1 Day – Text ON 20 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 30 (P30): 50MB for 1 Day – Text ON 30 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 200 (P200): 180MB for 15 Days – Text ON 200 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 300 (P300): 250MB for 30 Days – Text ON 300 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 500 (P500): 500MB for 30 Days – Text ON 500 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 750 (P750): 1GB for 30 Days – Text ON 750 to 2200
ALWAYS ON 995 (P995): 2GB for 30 Days – Text ON 995 to 2200


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