Smart Barkada Chat: LINE10 or WeCHAT10 to 2200

Smart Prepaid now offers even more instant messaging-friendly promos with its Smart Barkada Chat featuring LINE 10 and WeCHAT 10, which offers 10MB of data on chat messaging for one (1) day.

LINE and WeChat are regarded as one of the most popular social instant messenger in the country, not to mention reaching millions of users in Asia and even globally. Offering such affordable promos from the largest network in the country definitely boosts it usage more locally.

To avail LINE Messaging, just text LINE10 to 2200, or for WeChat Messaging, simply send WECHAT10 to 2200. Take note that you don’t Wi-Fi connection to use the messengers. Also make sure that other applications that may use data connection should be closed, or it will incur regular data charges as well.

If you’re into more instant messengers and would like to get rid of the hassle registering everyday, you can try to send CHATALL 299 to 2200. This includes 300MB data limit of chat messaging to LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Babble Messenger for only Php299 for 30 days.

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