SM Cinema Introduces e-PLUS Loyalty Prepaid Card at P300

SM Cinema is getting their movies available via on-site payment, online, on mobile and now via an e-PLUS Prepaid Card that comes with freebies and perks from partnering stores that’s too irresistible to try on. e-PLUS actually stands for Entertainment, Privileges, Lifestyle, Upgrades and Surprises. You can get the Starter kit prepaid card for only P300, which includes a movie ticket, a popcorn, a regular soda and a premium item (a portable, aluminum-cased coffee canister for a start), plus another complimentary movie pass when you personalized it via your mobile number.

SM Cinema e-PLUS Loyalty prepaid card practically allows you to get movie tickets fast, avoiding lining up, as you can easily insert the card right in front of the cinema entrance and it automatically deducts your movie’s worth just like on a train station. Though, you can actually insert it twice or thrice and get e-tickets as much, respectively. Since it’s prepaid, you can either load it up thru SM Cinema ticket booths with P500 or a P1000 denominations, or even online via VISA, MasterCard or Globe GCash.

Now, to really avoid the hassle in the movie house, just purchase your tickets online by logging on first with a new account at and receive your e-tickets via email or SMS after the transaction. With your online account, you can choose the SM branch and the movie schedule you prefer and you still get to watch it just in case you miss the movie time you booked on a later time. However, you don’t have a way to cancel it, so maybe you just want to reload the card and get to stick it at the booth when you get there anytime.

So, what do you get besides the initial snacks and the canister? Every time you reload, you get a meal credit for a popcorn and a soda. Another is you get to up-size your soda when you buy at Snacktime. You also get 50% discount on selected movies. Aside from these immediate perks, you also get to earn points and exchange it later for more worthwhile redeemable items.

Points Earning:

1 Regular Digital Ticket = 1 pt
1 Digital 3D Ticket = 3 pts
1 Director’s Club Ticket = 4 pts
1 IMAX Hollywood Ticket = 4 pts
P100 worth of snacks = 1 pt
*Note: Double your points when you buy tickets online with e-PLUS load, buy a featured Meal or Product at Snacktime, or join other special offerings and promos.

Redeemable Items with their Corresponding Points:

Parking Discount Voucher – 10 pts
Mini Notebook – 10 pts
Sports Bottle – 15 pts
Sanitizer – 20 pts
Eco Bag – 20 pts
Snacktime Coupons – 30 pts
T-Shirt – 50 pts
Umbrella – 80 pts
Silicon Memo Pad – 100 pts
Polo Shirt – 100 pts
Water Powered Clock – 100 pts
Movie Ticket – 100 pts
Planner – 100 pts
USB – 200 pts
Mobile Phone – 1,500 pts
Digital Camera – 2,000 pts
Tablet – 2,500 pts
*Note: Redeem your points with your chosen items at any e-PLUS booth at any SM Cinema branches near you.

The 2 GB USB flash drive is quite cool for only 200 points, but if you want to aim for the tablet, then you have to make sure to bring your cineast pack every time you go to SM Cinemas. And be sure to check out your emails and SMS for other exclusive offerings that come with the e-PLUS Loyalty card, which includes a lot of big time food and retail stores to flood your way with promos and special events soon.

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