SKK Mobile Lynx X LTE, SKK Lynx Plus and SKK Lynx Pro to be released soon

SKK Mobile has a pretty good run on its Lynx Series, which took off when SKK Lynx Octa was first introduced and had a quick follow up on the release of Lynx Edge and Lynx Lite. However, SKK Mobile isn’t done with the series yet, with another three Lynx iterations on their way to the market namely, the Lynx X LTE, Lynx Plus and the Lynx Pro.

SKK Mobile Lynx X LTE, Lynx PLus (64-bit), and Lynx Pro

These latest SKK Mobile Lynx handsets were just spotted on its site and there are no detailed specifications, yet. Though, we can draw some clues on how these can turn out based on the naming they’ve decided to give each model.

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SKK Lynx X LTE and SKK Lynx Plus (64-bit) is a dead giveaway, with LTE connectivity and a 64-bit processor, respectively. And while both would closely resemble the Lynx Octa specs-wise, and will probably get a plastic build, the Lynx Pro might get some metal case, instead.

The Lynx Plus and the Lynx Pro may also get a bigger screen display at 6.0-inch, though the Plus may get HD resolution, and the Pro a full HD display. It may also mean that the Plus may pack a juicier battery capacity than the Pro and the X LTE.

Well, those were just speculations above. But, we hope it can fit the bill with a very good set up on the specs, of course. When it gets official, we’ll let you know.


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