SIM cards gone by 2016, Apple and Samsung in negotiations

Tech juggernauts Apple and Samsung are in talks to supportively adapt the electronic SIM cards on their smartphones, which consequently gets rid of the plastic SIM cards we’re accustomed with.

SIM cards

Reports said that GSMA, a known association of mobile operators will soon announce a new standard for eSIMs, which would enable users to easily switch between carriers. It would technically include an end-to-end remote SIM solution architecture, which could be expected as early as 2016.

SIM card trays on iPhones and iPads were shrinking anyway whenever they decide that it would play a good fit on their design architecture. Pulling it off altogether would not surprise anyone at all. Likewise with module implementations on select Samsung Galaxy handsets.

Looking on the local market setting, this could even advance more network wars if it would allow subscribers to have their network connectivity changed just that, too easily. But yes, for local subscribers, it is definitely gains a plus on both convenience and affordability.


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