Seeds Of Kindness

“If you scatter seeds of kindness everywhere you go, and you gather buds of love and watch them grow, you can find happiness more than you will ever know.”

Have you watched ‘Evan Almighty’ movie? It didn’t go well in making people laugh much as it didn’t paid off much of their production costs. Though the film have so much in store for us to learn.

The main value that the movie is trying to say is actually about kindness. “Acts of Random Kindness” that stands for “A-R-K” to be exact. Greatness and purpose in life can be done from one act of kindness following another, and another, and another… and you watch them grow and find it worthwhile.

The closest place to begin with is family, then to your friends, neighbors, classmates, co-leagues, partners, bystanders, countrymen, even to your dog… then a miracle is guaranteed to happen… it grows and find it’s way back to your heart and give you happiness in return, more than you’ll ever know.

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