Sarah Geronimo Stars KakaoTalk Mobile Messaging App’s Launch in the Philippines

KakaoTalk, a FREE mobile messaging app has officially launched locally, having the Voice of the Philippines coach Sarah Geronimo to endorse them in a series of commercials.

After WeChat and Line messaging gain its footing in the country, Kakao Talk from Korea gets to mix in with the hope of hooking up some more. It’s just a couple of days that they’ve reached a million users, and the free app may have some features that local users may find more interesting.

Besides the FREE instant messaging, voice calls, group chat, and animated emoticons, which the other free apps have also on board, KakaoTalk allows you to have group calls with up to five of your contacts. Plus, it also allows you to schedule appointments or events within the group chat you’ve created. Not to mention, you can set reminders on those schedules as well.

Another exciting feature is the Plus Friend, where you can actually be friends with celebrities like Sarah Geronimo or even follow top brands, with which you can receive exclusive coupons. You also have a polling feature with anyone among your group setting any issue to vote on. There’s a Giftshop, too where users can buy presents to give to their friends. There are also KakaoGames that you can download and play.

In celebrating KakaoTalk’s big launch from August 7 – August 25, they’ll be giving away exclusive KakaoTalk Friends, characters and emoticons. To get Sarah Geronimo or the Big Bang’s special emoticons, don’t forget to add them up on the Plus Friends.

You can get KakaoTalk on your iOS, Android devices, and on Blackberry, Windows Phone, or even on your Windows PC.

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